Safe online pharmacy shopping

We are forced to make our choice everyday, many times per day, at home, at work, even at rest. Normally we have to face it ourselves, however, every time we make it we probably think how good it would be to have someone to help us.
Well, this is what our service is about. Our mission is to help customers to choose, without restricting their right to have a free will – i.e. we provide all the necessary information and recommend, leaving the choice for the actual buyer.

Our reviews

The area of our reviews are vendors specialized in drug and other pharmaceutical products trading, which is really one of the most tricky subjects to be purchased by an individual. Buying remotely you always face at least some risk, and with pharmaceuticals that’s especially true.
Along with that our site is an accumulation in one place, convenient for a customer, of various materials, links and recommendations, as well as overviews accompanied with a proper content list, search function and various options that might come useful for a user.

About this project

A little about the history of the project. Our portal was created 7 years ago first as a web-based registry of on-line drugstores, which were represented in much fewer number then today. With time we started to add some new functions – first feedbacks of other customers of the sites, which we tried to summarize and give a score to the site to help our visitor to understand the worthiness of a resource from the first glance without reading all the versatile comments on it. As this new approach gained more and more popularity among our readers we decided to hire a team of professional experts and doctors to help us to make our own assessment and to give a more precise and correct guidelines to the potential buyers.

Our customers

Currently we have more than 10 thousand followers globally and around 100 subscribe every week to receive our e-mail newsletters, containing the summary of our most recent findings. All our services are provided on a free of charge basis, however for advanced users we provide a special regular service, which costs 4.99 USD per month, that allows to get weekly update on specific shops, indicated by a user, and to receive individual consultation of our team. You are very welcome to join.

Stay safe with us!