About us

Congratulations, you have entered one of the most popular, advanced and profound resources making reviews of on-line drugstores and apothecaries. Please, see below the introduction of our project.

Why us?

10 years we have already working in this areas creating reviews for our users to help them to get oriented among the existing offers 45 experts are permanently involved in creating the assessments and compiling reports 2500 reviews have been successfully completed and published in our site 9 out of 10 is our current rating according to Google 78 countries are covered by our reviews.

What is our objective?

Our general objective is to provide you with the most relevant and up-to-date information about on-line drugstores delivering their products by Internet, in order to ensure the maximum satisfaction of the customer and to support fair trade.

What do we assess?

We assess the on-line drugstores according to a number of criteria, which were defined as a result of many years of hard work. Those are: availability of various drugs and drugs classes; availability and quality of generics; deliver options; price level; satisfaction of site users.

Is it expensive to use our service?

Our reviews and all the other information published in our site are free to use by everyone.

How can you help us to do our job?

We are open to all kinds of offers and proposals regarding organization of our work, potential sites that need to be reviewed, any other improvement that you might think of and propose to us.
So regardless of what you are looking for – be it ordinary aspirin or some new generic to treat you erectile dysfunction – just type it in in our search field and find the most appropriate and cheap options to acquire it. Also if you are going to use some drugstore and can’t make your mind whether you can consider it an appropriate option for your needs – look it up in our list of reviewed sites or offer it to us for further review.

Thank you for your interest to our service, welcome and hope to come up to your expectations.